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Holistic Life Coaching

"Sometimes all you need to move forward is to stop looking back."  --Bliss


Come home to your mind/body connection

Come home to your mind/body connection

"Let the wisdom of your body guide you on a magical journey to your heart."  --Bliss

Meditative Moments

Contemplations and quotes to enrich your life

“Surrender is an ability to be open to your life, to joyfully anticipate its unfolding without fear or regret.”        --Bliss


Bliss Wood holds some very important keys to human happiness and  fulfillment, and shares these insights in a manner that is rare and refreshing. With humor and humility, Bliss lays out a path to health and wellness, not just for the physical body, but for mind, heart and spirit. She weaves what
I call a "tapestry of truth" with threads from Yoga, meditation, breath work, dream analysis and reiki. The result is that her listeners feel uplifted, not only for the moment, but by using the tools that she provides, the "Bliss Effect" will last for months... or even a lifetime.
Stephen Cherniske, M.S
President and C.S.OUnivera LifeSciences