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As I woke up this morning with last night's events still floating through my brain, I realized that I've been on the proverbial (mental) auto pilot for the past couple of months. I found that I have been too busy to fit myself into my own life, let alone make room for anyone else! If I haven't had enough time for myself, how in the heck can I make enough time to consider all the blessings and goodness of others in my life?!

This brings me to the main focus of my meandering morning thoughts...gratitude.

It's almost Thanksgiving and what does that mean...really?

I know it marks an historical event of when the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock...blah, blah, blah, but "thanksgiving"...

What does it really mean in the NOW, in our modern day, minute by minute lives?

The tradition of "Thanksgiving" is a good one and yet, I think it may have lost some of it's original appeal and truth because it got caught in the commercialism somewhere between Halloween and Christmas. It's kind of the "lost holiday"...the four-day weekend before finals....the time when we stuff ourselves and watch so much football that we can't think straight...the precursor to get the idea.

As I prepare for the commercial craziness of the holidays, I'd like to think of "Thanksgiving" as gratitude. Simply, giving thanks for...whatever.

A friend of mine took me to a Robert Earl Keene concert last night...I'm so grateful for the music and the time we spent together.

I ran into five friends today I hadn't seen in months! ...what a terrific surprise.

I received five offers to join friends for Thanksgiving dinner...I feel so loved.

My family supports me, I have friends around me, my body is healthy, my mind is clear, I feel love for so many people/things, I slowed down long enough to realize there actually is room in my life for me.

It feels good to realize all these amazing gifts that fill my days. Isn't it strange to think that so much bounty surrounds us and sometimes we can't even see it? Maybe that is what the holiday of Thanksgiving is truly help us remember all of the fabulous gifts we have.

With all of these gifts, how could I possibly believe "Thanksgiving" is just another 4 day weekend between Halloween and Christmas? I think it's the best holiday of the year. Better yet, I think it's the best way to stay present in the NOW and to enjoy every day, every moment, every breath of my life. The best part? ...I don't have to wait for once a year to give thanks. Thanksgiving can be an every day experience.

What's your "Thanksgiving"? I bet it will surprise you.

Big love,


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