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New Years...Now What?

Happy 2015!

It's the second day into this brand new year and the sun is shining through snow clouds where I am today. I am beginning to put myself back into a mental space of work and preparation for what's to come in these next few weeks.

Yesterday, New Years Day, however, was relaxing and fun. I had no worries of left-over plans from last year and I certainly didn't attempt to jump into the tasks that are waiting for me at home. As a matter of fact, I thoroughly enjoyed the juxtaposition of the gently falling snow in the cold and frozen outside while inside, it was warm and cozy with the delicious aromas of the New Year posole* that my mother prepared, to bring in 2015 with good cheer, hope and abundance. My siblings stopped by, each with their families and their families, to help celebrate the beginning of the new year. There were four generations under one roof at my parent's house enjoying good food, laughter, and hope for the things to come and reminiscence of the past year...good and challenging. It was a marvelous day to revel in the newness of 2015 and enjoy the anticipation of good things to come.

So, today, January 2, after the holiday parties and family gatherings are settling into the past, I’m thinking of those resolutions and goals I’ve made in the past few days. I hesitate, however, to go running off into the wild white yonder with a scheme of grand ideas that aren't quite ready to implement. Don't misunderstand, I am excited to "get started" and "make things happen" this year, and I do have a happy anticipation for what I’ve resolved and what's to come, yet I feel a need to step slowly and make sure that what I seek to accomplish is done with consideration, good intention, and consciousness.

Too many times I've jumped into something because it felt good at the time and then, within a month or two, I abandoned the idea, project, or practice because I either had not fully committed to it or I didn't understand why I had started it in the first place. Sound familiar to you?

From the Winter Solstice last December 22 through the celebrations of New Years, I’m sure millions of resolutions around the world have been made with the best of intentions. Maybe this is the year you decide to quit smoking, or perhaps, you made up your mind it’s time to get a new job, or lose weight, or find that special lover you’ve been longing for. There are as many resolutions as there are people who make them and none is better or worse than another, yet it seems every year, somewhere around mid February, all of those earnestly professed resolutions and solid intentions begin to weaken or worse, become forgotten. Do you ever wonder why?

Do you wonder if resolutions really work? I’ve been reading a host of comments from editorial gurus this season regarding resolutions, affirmations, and intentions. Each have their own ideas about the benefits and pitfalls of making New Years declarations. Some claim that making a resolution doesn’t make any difference in changing your life while other’s swear by their potency. Why is it, that some people succeed with their resolutions while others seem to fail miserably with their desired intentions?

I am of the opinion that resolutions can be an empowering thing if made in consciousness. Affirmations are mighty powerful if you know why you're making the commitment. There is a big difference in saying you’re going to start a new workout routine in 2015 and actually committing to it. The first thing to ask yourself is “why”? Why do you want to start a workout program (or anything else) now?

If you’ve decided to get your brand new gym membership because your best friend said she’s going to the club, then maybe it’s a good idea to really ask yourself what your New Year’s resolution really means to you.

On the other hand, if you’ve felt like something is missing in your life or you want to feel better in your body and meet new friends, then maybe your resolution for joining the club is more powerful than if you were going just because your friend wanted to join.

Knowing the reason “why” you are making your resolution, and then committing to it will make it a much more powerful dedication to the new you, and will probably make it easier for you to see your goals to fruition.

This new year, as in all the New Years past, offers a clean slate, a brand new opportunity for you to understand your goals and to make your wishes a reality. Resolutions made with intention and commitment are the perfect opportunities to manifest your dreams. It’s important to make decisions that support your happiness and growth, so take your time formulating your plan. Know what you want by asking yourself why you’re making your choices. Once you know why you’re doing something, it’s easier to set your intention and commit to your success, one step at a time!

It’s a new year, a new start, a new opportunity, a new twist on the real you. What are you going to do with it? You’re worth the change and you can do whatever you commit to!

Happy New Year!

*P.S. Posole, for those of you who haven’t had the opportunity to experience the Southwest, is a Mexican stew made of hominy, chili, coriander, and either pork or chicken, usually served for holiday celebrations.

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