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What We Think Matters

Recently, I had the good fortune of injuring my back and could not move! I was totally immobilized and had to sit in one position for most of the day, in between trying to do some restorative yoga to help my situation. It was an interesting afternoon of "slowing down", and the blessings bestowed upon me were worth every minute that I had to sit there, listen, and do nothing.

You're probably wondering why in the world I think this is good fortune. Amazing gifts are given when we sit still and listen and that's exactly what I did when there was nothing else for me to do...

"So, here I sit. I really need to get to work. There's so much to do today and I can't even stand up and breathe, let alone work! What am I going to do? How am I going to fix this? I guess I should meditate..."

Sitting as comfortably as I could, closing my eyes, and a few deep breaths later, my mind started to slow down and release its hold on me. As my mind relaxed, so did my body and as my body relaxed, I realized how much I really needed to rest.

Coming out of my meditation a half an hour later, I just accepted the fact that I was going to be sitting around all day, so I picked up two books (The Healing Power of Water and Reiki for Life) and read them. What happened after reading those books is nothing short of a miracle.

Dr. Masaro Emoto explained, in The Healing Power of Water that we must send water positive thoughts because we are over 70% water and therefore we can actually heal ourselves with our positive thoughts. (How convenient that this book was laying around where I could reach it!) He said the very best words to use to clean water are "love" and "gratitude" spoken together. That piqued my interest, especially since I had also been reading "Reiki for Life" to review for the magazine I work for. Between the information in both books, I decided to "Reiki" (I am a Reiki Master) my water bottle and infuse the words "love" and "gratitude" to see if I could make my back feel better after drinking the water.

I readjusted myself the best I could and settled back into a meditative state, trusting that what I was about to do would work. I held my water bottle in both hands, shook it and then intended Reiki energy to move through it, all the while saying "love, gratitude, and healing". After 5 minutes of doing this, I consciously drank my water and then sat there...

Within 10 minutes after doing that, I felt a huge shift in my body as if a blanket of relaxation floated over me and then...the pain in my back eased! It didn't go away completely, but it eased so much that I could actually stand up unassisted and move my body in ways that was nearly impossible just minutes before.

It is now two weeks since I hurt my back and I continue to feel better and better. Call it the power of positive thinking or the power of Reiki. Either way, I think the shift occurred because of both energies and I am convinced that what I think matters.

What do you think?

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