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All Hallows Eve

A tradition that the modern world knows as prank making and treat tasting, Halloween is also refered to as "All Hallows Eve" or "All Saints Eve". According to many scholars, Halloween is a Christian tradition based on the Celtic harvest festivals. Others say its pagan roots lie within the Gaelic traditions. Ultimately, All Hallows Eve marks a time dedicated to remembering the dead. It is the day before All Saints Day.

While I truly enjoy seeing the creative genius that comes forth in the trick-or-treaters' costumes, I have to admit that I have not been one to outdo myself each year when it comes to Halloween fashion and dressing up. In fact, it has usually been a quiet holiday that slips by me in a whisper.

This year, however, this All Hallows Eve reminds me of the stark contrast of what this holiday meant in the past to what we celebrate now. Remembering the dead...those we loved who have passed before us. Tonight, I celebrate All Hallows Eve. I remember a darling young man who had a challenging childhood but managed to pull himself up and out of the darkness many times in his young life. No matter the trouble he managed to find, he was a good boy, a kind young man, and IS a beautiful soul.

This is my ode to Tony:

You were born beautiful / Innocent child / Thrust into a world / of misguided lives.

How could they miss / your smile and your light / your perfect nose your perfect eyes?

It wasn't your fault / they couldn't reflect / the purity and grace / that you were born with.

I know, as you grew / you needed more than they gave / and sometimes your troubles / hurt more than you could say.

People get lost sometimes / finding their way / but it's never too late to realize / you were born beautiful...

And you are still that way.

Rest In Peace, sweet soul

d. 10/29/2014

Anyone who reads this, might I ask that you have a moment of rememberance for Tony...and all those loved ones who have gone before us? Even though you may not have known him personally, we are all connected and I know the world has a little "rip" in the fabric of humanity where Tony once lived.

Happy Halloween~

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