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Words: Self-Talk - Are You Listening?

I’ve been thinking a lot about words lately and how they are often taken for granted. Language is such an important part of our communication yet we seldom consider what the words we say actually mean, and more importantly, what they are manifesting.

Linguistics tells us that a word is the smallest unit of language that carries a meaning.

That’s powerful! This means each of us has hundreds of thousands of tools (or weapons) at our disposal to manifest whatever it is we desire!

Words really do carry energetic weight. You might think just because you’re thinking of a word and not saying it, that nothing is really happening. On the contrary, the mere thought of a word, whether it’s positive, neutral, or negative, actually triggers physiological responses in your own body and brain! Science has now proven this to be true.

I’m sure each of us can think of a particular word we use regularly, or an experience we’ve had where we’ve blurted out a phrase to express a thought or an emotion. Some of those words might even be “cuss words” (no judgement here, folks!) I know some people who actually substitute positive words in a negative phrase to express their frustration. My favorite is “God Bless it” in place of that unsavory phrase we might have uttered on occasion when something REALLY wasn’t going our way.

When you stop to think of what both of those phrases are saying, we're either blessing or damning what it was that got us so riled up. These "small units of language" can really pack a powerful punch in either direction.

There are so many idioms floating around in our collective communication soup that we say out of habit. Things like "I can't", "I need to..." or even "this is hard" seems so insignificant, yet ultimately, we're telling this to our subconscious mind who listens to everything we declare.

I’ve even caught myself saying things like, “I’m so tired” or “this sucks”. Inevitably, even though I might not have gotten enough sleep the night before, or I was in a situation I didn’t like, by stating these negative phrases, it directed a lower vibration back toward myself, thus creating a vicious energetic cycle of more of what I don't want.

On the other hand, let’s consider re-stating these same negative scenarios in a more positive (or at least neutral) way. Instead of stating "I'm so tired", what about something like "I'm in a more meditative mood today"? Rather than emphatically stating "this sucks", how about "this is interesting"?

Consciously using words in this way allows the mind to shift a negative, reactionary spiral to a more neutral or positive action-oriented state. In doing so, it feels more empowering even though outside circimstances seem less than optimal.

Ultimately, our power comes from within, so why not become conscious of what we think and what we speak out loud? Let's send positive and powerful manifesting language to our subconscious mind and to those around us and watch the magic happen!

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