YOGA for Deep Relaxation

YOGA for Deep Relaxation

SKU: YDR2002

YOGA FOR DEEP RELAXATION is an easy-to-follow Hatha Yoga practice designed and instructed by Bliss Wood.  Soothing piano music by Donna Michael sets the mood for this deeply relaxing experience.  It enhancesdeep body awareness through a more conscious way of stretching and breathing.  


Clearly defined pictures of each pose are included in a pullout page that helps describe each posture.  


Thirteen individual tracks allow you to spend as little or as much time as you desire, doing this practice.  It is very convenient for daily use and is helpful for business travelers whowish to have a yoga practice on the road. 


This CD is meant to create a safe, peaceful and healing environment for all who seek a yoga practice.  It will guide and direct you in a compassionate and clear way to embrace your own experience of inner peace and awareness.


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